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a couple days in Pasadena

This weekend I went to Caltech for the Olive Harvest Festival and the alumni volleyball game. I drove down Friday morning for the olive harvest. I had almost forgotten how pretty the Caltech campus is. At first, I climbed up the tree to pick/knock down olives, but later we got a big ladder. I like being in trees, and I like olives. Franklin and I picked olives for about two hours, then turned in our 17.5 pounds of olives, picked up our free t-shirts, ate crusty bread with olive oil and olives next to Baxter pond, talked about gay marriage, and took photos (already up on my shutterfly page and on facebook) of pretty things in the pond. Afterward we went back to Franklin's apartment and I read some papers for my paleoclimate class/napped and Franklin studied for his ethics exam. Then we went back to Caltech for a free Mediterranean dinner on the Olive Walk. More reading/napping while Franklin studied, then we watched "Ratatouille", which was a cute movie.

Saturday morning, I took my oboe in to Michelle Forrest to get repaired. It cost more and took longer than I had expected, but sitting there while she did the repairs was pleasant because we were listening to "Car Talk" and "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" on NPR and laughing and talking about current events. As soon as my oboe was fixed, I headed over to the Caltech gym for the alumni volleyball game. It was fun. We had 6 players: Megan, Vi, Kristen, Renee, me and Jen (an older person I didn't know), and Coach (Brent) was there to coach us, as well as Jack, Bill, and Kwok. We beat the current team in 3 games. Yay. After the game, I ate pizza, showered, and finally drove off into the beautiful sunset.

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