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First week at Santa Barbara (Post about the drive out here coming soon)

I’ve been in Santa Barbara for almost a week now. So far I’ve mostly been trying to make my apartment feel like home and spending lots of money. I’m finished decorating my room for now; I’ll tackle the rest of the apartment once all my roommates are around. A lot of my money-spending has been for unexciting but necessary items (waste bins, sheets, hangers, smog check for the car, things like that). However, some of my money-spending has been for more exciting things: herbs to grow on the patio, a nice volleyball set and volleyball (for only $25!), a surfboard (for only $50), a ticket to the West Beach Music Festival for tomorrow (Pete Francis, Braddigan, George Clinton, and more!) (I paid $42 for my ticket when I could have gotten one on Craigslist for $25. rats!). Franklin is going to come up and go to the music festival with me.

So what have I been doing besides spending money? Tuesday evening, after dropping Mommy off at LAX, I stopped by Ruddock to pick up my golf clubs and got a chance to talk with some friends from Tech, which was nice. Thursday, I went for a long (about 2 hours) bike ride. In the evening there was a barbeque for the residents of the San Clemente apartments. I met a couple of Taiwanese engineering students who were pretty funny in that they responded very enthusiastically to everything I said (especially when I said I went to Caltech and that I’ve been playing volleyball for 12 years), and one of them plays volleyball. One of my roommates also plays volleyball and another one is tall and possibly interested in playing volleyball.

Today was a good day. In the morning I drove into Santa Barbara to pick up the surfboard. On the way home, I stopped by a little produce stand and bought three ears of some wonderful local corn. Then I washed and waxed the car until lunch. It was so dirty and now it’s so pretty. (But I think I better sell it soon, since the driver’s window was making kind of funny noises the last couple times I put it down.) By the time I finished lunch it had gotten sunny, so I decided to go down to Campus Point and test out my new surfboard. The waves were really small, but I managed to catch a couple. It was good to just paddle around and get used to the board, which is smaller (7’2’’) than what I’ve surfed with before. I was also happy to find that the water wasn’t as cold as I expected. After surfing, I went jogging, then practiced oboe. I ate my corn for dinner, along with a tomato salad. The corn was so delicious that as I was writing the livejournal entry, I original listed it under “exciting things” I spent money on.

Here are some photos of my apartment (they are also on my shutterfly site):

Three views of my bedroom

bathroom                         kitchen                       living room area

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